Shaista’s story….. what’s yours?


Shaista has worked on international and national-level education, social enterprise and community projects in Pakistan, Australia and UK and is a marketing communications professional who also has a passion for humanitarian work. She is passionate about respecting cultural diversity. Having lived  in four very culturally diverse places – Middle East, Pakistan, Australia and the UK she feels that ‘peace’ and ‘tolerance’ can only be achieved when we truly accept this diversity, learn to accept our differences and, where possible, complement each other. Her own personal journey as a twice new migrant is full of meaningful lessons. As a certified Master Coach, Australian trainer and a community development officer with a genuine curiosity of getting to know different cultures and making friends, she is here to share her experiences and help others who may be going through similar issues. Shaista found her soul mate at the mature age of 44 and now lives with her husband in the UK.

Life/ Career/Transition Coach

Areas of expertise:

As a certified Master Coach trained by  coaches who have worked with the famous Tony Robbins, Shaista works with individuals to help them achieve a stress-free life full of fulfillment. Having successfully overcome personal challenges after the early death of her parents, she was faced with responsibilities from a young age that included organising weddings of younger siblings, caring for a mentally ill brother and also re-building her life as a new migrant. Transition and change are challenging issues to deal with and Shaista has successfully proved her resilience through a positive mindset in different cultural environments from Middle East, Pakistan, Australia to the United Kingdom. She takes every challenge as a new opportunity to grow and follows her passion of helping people through her various roles. She currently lives in the UK and mostly offer sessions on Skype. Some areas she provides support are : Migration & settlement issues; identity; career-progression; working in a multi-cultural organisation; self-development for carers and relationship issues.

If you or someone you know is struggling and aims to free themselves from the limiting thoughts or you feel stuck and unclear about your future, then contact me for an informal chat. Let us coach you and help you rediscover the sparkling you.

Different coaching packages are available for clients. We believe focus and intent always pays off. Consider this as a small investment in your future.

We understand that people may have different priorities. Some clients like to have intensive coaching and like to spread their sessions over days instead of weeks, while others like to give themselves some time between sessions to work on their goals. 
Immersion model is also used for situations where clients are keen to work out their issues in a short span of time. These are full day/weekend sessions held face to face. Our most popular packages are the monthly roll-over online model. 

We thrive on building a relationship of trust and confidentiality. Information about the client is only retained with their particular coach. We are both fluent in English, Urdu and Hindi and will attempt to provide resources and support in these languages. Please join my facebook page for more updates.

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